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Long has a state of educational appropriation been dismal. Classrooms suffer. Teachers spin bitter. Students are left dull and disinterested.

This necessity has strike a sciences especially, with minimal support for a laboratory based, hands-on training that many of us were advantageous to have. Students are blank out on vicious meditative opportunities and, in some cases, apropos reduction vehement about science. In a multitude exponentially driven by STEM, this is a many hapless situation.

How do we change this? As scientists and teachers with small additional means, how do we make scholarship engaging and relatable again?

Well, we spin to a many relatable middle out there: Music.


Dr. Jeremy Long from San Diego State University has been utilizing song as a training resource for a past integrate of years now. In fact, some of we might be informed with some of his musical escapades or his Annual Chemical Ecology Film Fests (now in it’s fourth year!). Taking a note out of a Science Genius book Dr. JayLow, as his students call him, brought scholarship rapping to a west seashore and combined a song video component. The idea of this plan was two-fold: 1. To be means to learn and get students to consider about scholarship in a approach that differed from a normal “lecture and test” method. Perhaps even so most as to concede a information to stick…novel concept; and 2. To teach a significance of translating scholarship to a broader audience.

As a youth in college, being in his category and a partial of this “experiment” was adequate to drastically change my career focus. Now, as a connoisseur tyro in his lab we have to understanding with him rapping in his “studio” bureau on a regular…but we digress.

Mar Vista H.S. students #scienceselfie

Mar Vista H.S. students #scienceselfie

In loyal song biz style, Dr. JayLow has branched out from his strange try to form a new and sparkling collab, of which, we am advantageous to be a partial of. With inexhaustible support from a California SeaGrant and in organisation with Mr. John Ashley’s Environmental Science Class of Mar Vista High School, we have set out on a new journey dubbed:

Bio Logik

Here we continue a song video bequest with a splendid minds of Mar Vista High School and find to furnish shining new video compilations. High propagandize students will be operative along side 6 SDSU connoisseur students to interpret their scholarship into Billboard draft toppers. We have even enrolled a assistance of some internal musicians, beatboxer, Generik, and rapper, Parker Edison.

To give we all a preview of entrance epicness, we put together this small video montage of one of a really initial interactions. Needless to say, these students blew me away.

Over a subsequent 3 months, we will be operative with a students on translating a science, song recording, and video production.  Excited to share with we all a final products.

Stay tuned.

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Alex Warneke now resides as a connoisseur tyro during San Diego State University. As a chemical ecologist, Alex’s investigate focuses on a effects of complicated steel pollutants on a chemical communication between organisms. In her “free time,” Alex enjoys convincing a open that Ecology is indeed sexy. With that goal, she is a clever proponent of radical scholarship communication and fluctuating a broader impacts of her investigate to a ubiquitous open regulating a outlets of film and amicable media. When she is not bustling busting a pierce in a cold room or filming her subsequent swat video, she can routinely be found frolicking by a California kelp forest.

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